Vocals - Jon  /   Guitar/Vocals - Pat

Bass/Vocals - Kyle R   /   Drums - Kyle N


The Summoned is technical metal band hailing from Massachusetts, United States. Often compared to a plethora of bands and genres The Summoned are no strangers to pushing the boundaries of traditional heavy metal. With technical riffs, head bobbing grooves, sing-along choruses, jazzy interludes, and epic solos there is always something to grasp onto for all likes of music fans.


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Glass Lungs have positioned themselves among Brooklyn’s fastest growing modern rock bands. Members of GLASS LUNGS include independent artists formerly signed with Facedown Records, Eulogy Records, Hotfoot Records, and Audio Deprived Records. Their commitment to solid songwriting and ethereal sounds with serrated edges warrant comparison with such acts as Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance and Tesseract.


With catchy melodies and direct song-writing, GLASS LUNGS brings new feeling to the rhythmic and thematic conventions founds across the canons of indie, post-rock, and progressive-rock. Amidst the strong hooks and fearless engagement with timeless questions, GLASS LUNGS delivers energetic displays of melody and groove.

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