New age Pop-punk vs. the Pop-punk of old

There has been a real divide in the pop punk scene as of late, that is based on this exact topic. Is the "new" Travis Barker and friends pop punk surge helping or hurting the Pop-punk scene?

In one sense, of course it is, the attention it has brought to the genre hasn't been seen since Blink 182, Sum41, The offspring, and Green Day did it in the 90's. The attention brings new fans, and ultimately more successes for more artists.

The other side of the argument is that because of the quick success and fame it brings, it is also creating a lot of look alike bands that are using the same formula that Travis Barker and MGK used to blow up and gain their huge success. This can create watered down songs, that all sound the same with very little emotion and authenticity (which is what pop-punk used to be all about). We have seen this in other genres as well, hip-hop, country, and now Pop-punk is the most recent to take the turn.

Frustration has been mounting within the underground Pop-punk scene in regards to the cookie cutter songs, and images .

PETEXZEN is one artist that isn't holding back when it comes to this topic.

"Recently music doesn't even feel like music. Everyday theres a new conveyor belt alt artist being shoved down our throats with calculated marketing on social media. They’re usually a teen of some famous actor, have the right look, or boyfriend in a Hollywood relationship. People who can sing in tune, but don't write their own songs or find their own sound. They have the resources and team of people to make something that is easy to sell and easy to consume. Why don’t people see through it? Sometimes it feels like people will only like music if everyone else likes it. It's only cool if everyone else thinks it's cool."

From the conversations I have had on this, it's not a disrespect thing at all towards the innovators of the newer sounds and OG Pop-punk legends. It is more of a disconnect in the meaning of what Pop-punk is, its about the fear of losing the feel and emotion of Pop-punk music.

What are you thoughts? Are you all for the new wave? Or do you have the old school mentality that authenticity and raw emotion is what Pop-punk is all about?

Let us know where you stand!


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