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These 4 things will help with your upcoming release!

I wanted to share a few things we do when releasing music for our artists. I wanted to focus on details that aren't as noticeable to most but make a huge impact in the grand scheme of the release. Things like getting your music mastered, finding a distributor, and creating cover art are things that everyone needs to do and if you want more info on these topics send us an email anytime for more info. These are in no particular order.

Creating a Pre-Save link is something that is becoming more prevalent when releasing music. Pre-saving allows fans who opt-in to have your song auto-added to their personal playlist, follow your artist profile, and sometimes allow you to collect their email addresses for future promotion. When a pre-save is executed and marketed correctly it becomes one of the most valuable release tools you could ask for.

Next up is updating your streaming platforms. As simple and unimportant as this may sound, updating your profile picture, bio, canvas, and banner photos can freshen up your appearance on release day and bring fans to your profile. Anytime you can get someone to your profile that results in a follow and/or multiple listens to your music which in turn boosts your algorithm placement.

Creating a landing page is another helpful tool you can use to offer a preview of your upcoming song, a pre-save button, bio, as well as showcase your top songs. A landing page will allow people to explore your current and past work. These are just a couple of examples of what you can set up.

Social media is and has been the next way to engage with your fans for years now. When leading up to a release, updating profile pictures and banners is very helpful in generating traffic by offering new content, people naturally gravitate to things that look new to their eye. Ramping up posting and private non-spammy messages can be one of the best ways to create a real connection to your own fans and potential new fans. It can be difficult but pays off if you put the time and effort in.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the above or have any music business questions in general please reach out. We offer free 30-minute consulting sessions. Best of luck with your next release and hope to talk to you soon!

-Derek G.



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